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Nurturing Eco-Aligned Health and Medicine (including Avoiding Toxics)

For your convenience, I've gathered my Ask EcoGirl print columns into themes, often with additional information.


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Standing Up to Stop Fluoridation (April 2013)
Unfortunately, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors recently took another step towards fluoridating our precious local water supply, even after many community members waited hours on a workday to speak against it. Certainly, the proponent claims for community water fluoridation (CWF) seem appealing, and I think many folks wish that it actually were an easy remedy for community dental health. However, that's not what the science shows, and it's vital that we be willing to look beneath the PR claims. And if we want CWF stopped, we're going to need to build a much larger public outcry against it, and within the next few months. Otherwise, we'll be the ones paying the price -- in our health, environment, and pocketbooks. Learn more of the key facts, with citations, in this column.
Should We Fluoridate Our Water? (February 2013)
Over the past few years, a controversy has been brewing in Sonoma County over the proposed addition of fluoride to the water supply for most of our homes, schools, businesses, and restaurants. This issue is coming before the Board of Supervisors again in the next month or two. But isn't fluoride a good thing? The well-meaning proponents do make appealing claims of public dental health benefits, especially for lower-income people. Unfortunately, though, these claims don't match the facts. This isn't the quick fix some want it to be! In this article, EcoGirl outlines what she sees as the core problems with fluoridation, and hopes that this helps Sonoma County reject it and pursue more sensible solutions. (This online version also includes additional supporting data and source links.)
Greening Medicine (April 2010)
With illness and health care costs weighing on us all, EcoGirl offers additional specific ways that we can use environmental knowledge to help heal both people and the planet, as both patients and health care providers.
Eco-Remedies for Our Health Care Crisis (March 2010)
The health care crisis is such a timely topic right now. Yet, amidst all the passionate debates, the environmental dimension is still largely being ignored, even with the clear evidence linking our high illness rates and exposure to environmental pollutants and everyday toxics. However, by turning and seeing how our actions in the world are harming our own health, we can find true solutions that significantly reduce both illness and costs, lightening the load on us all.
Detoxing Our Products & Our World (April 2011)
How can we truly protect ourselves from the multiple toxics permeating our products, bodies, and world, given the overwhelming evidence that they're threatening both our health and the planet? This column describes some key resources to avoid toxics in our personal lives, as well as two approaches being taken to stop toxics at their source, Green Chemistry and California's Green Chemistry Initiative.
Detoxing Cookware (March 2011)
A reader asks how to avoid the toxic PFCs used to make nonstick pans and other consumer products. "What are our options?", she wonders. "Those nonstick pans are so useful!" This month's column describes the issues with PFCs, what products they're in, and how to help reduce our exposure by buying healthier cookware and more.
Taming Our Tiny Ant Friends (December 2008)
Ant invasions can tempt one to use poisons. But studies show that toxics are no more effective than household cleansers! Instead of putting your family at risk, follow this three-tiered approach for addressing your visiting ant armies.
"Dear Patricia -- I just read your article, "Taming Our Tiny Ant Friends." I think it's just great that you write these articles, and always with such conscious respect for the earth, and in this case, all those amazing little ants."
Patrice Ryan
Vote Yes on Prop. 37 for Labeling of GMO Foods (October 2012)
As expected, the GMO manufacturers have been spending millions of advertising dollars to try to talk voters out of our right to know if GMOs are in our foods. Don't be distracted by their deceptions! The truth is that California Proposition 37 is not complicated or expensive. It will just offer consumers the same right to choose that's enjoyed by people in nearly 50 countries around the world -- 40% of the world's population. People have worked for years to finally give us this opportunity in the U.S. Let's make sure it succeeds. Read this column for the key information to know -- and share it with your friends!
Stand Up for GMO Labeling (September 2012)
Coming soon, Californians will have a unique and precious opportunity to stand up for our right to know when our foods contain experimental and hazardous GMOs (aka Genetically Modified Organisms). These hidden materials are shown to harm our health, environment, farms, and communities. Over 40 other countries have GMO labeling. So why don't we? Plus labeling in California will likely open the door to better protections across the U.S. But standing in the way of labeling is expected to be a serious GMO manufacturer propaganda onslaught. To keep this from working, we all need to educate/innoculate ourselves and others on this essential topic! To learn what you can do, read this handy summary and share it with others -- especially in California. This is a key moment on a vital issue!
Standing Up for the EPA (January 2012)
Some presidential candidates have said that they'd abolish the EPA, citing supposed benefits to voters. EcoGirl looks deeper and confirms that the facts just don't support these arguments, making this proposal indeed harmful to our health and shared well-being. This article can help you know the facts for yourself and to inform others, so that we can together stand up for the value of an even stronger EPA.
Remaking the EPA (May 2009)
For many years, it has seemed that the EPA has put corporate interests over its mission to protect the environment. Will President Obama's EPA really be any better?, asks a skeptical reader. EcoGirl says that real improvement is possible, if we help. And this is a key action for us to take. Because, by encouraging current efforts to restore the EPA's vital functions, we'll help improve our prospects on a wide variety of environmental and health issues.


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