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"Look - it's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's EcoGirl!"

Ask EcoGirl

A syndicated eco-advice column
Written by Patricia Dines

"Encouraging the eco-hero in everyone!"

"Making it easy to be green!"

Bringing together key information that nurtures our health, wallets, families
-- and planet!

Our choices can make a difference!

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Want to know how? Ask EcoGirl!

She can answer your questions on everything
from less-toxic cleaning to solar energy to waste reduction.

Leaping cynicism and despair
in a single

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Knowledge is her superpower!

She loves to do the research for you.

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Encouraging the eco-hero in everybody!

• • •

Making it easy to be green!

"Your Ask EcoGirl columns are fun and informative, and I really LOVE the resources you list at the bottom.
Having this makes 'doing' feel like it can be a reality not just a nice idea."

Jill Engvaldsen, A Regular Reader

There are lots of ways you can participate with EcoGirl

Read her monthly columns and forward them to others
You can see them in the Sonoma County Gazette or click on Published Columns above. The online copies are arranged chronologically and by theme (Energy, Food and Ag,, etc.)

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Buy Ask EcoGirl's Booklets!
EcoGirl offers a series of "insanely useful" booklets that answer common reader questions with the key information that you need to move right into action. You don't have to start from scratch and figure it out yourself. She does the research for you. They also make a great gift!

The first two booklets are "Healthier Housecleaning" and "Detoxing Your Life." To learn more, see www.askecogirl.info/booklets.html.

Have questions about going green? Ask EcoGirl!
Just email them to her at <ecogirl [at] askecogirl.info> for possible coverage in future columns. Topic areas can include greening your home, office, job, garden, dining, travel, investments, and much more. Put "Question for EcoGirl" in the subject line.

An easy way to help EcoGirl's mission is to make your Amazon.com purchases through this link: Amazon Books Page
In general, EcoGirl encourages you to buy locally-made products from locally-owned stores. But if you're going to buy from Amazon.com anyway, you can help her eco-education mission by entering Amazon.com through this link, then either (1) buying them during that session, or (2) adding them (and any other items) to your cart and completing the purchase within three months. She gets a small commission for the sale, which helps pay for this website's hosting and development costs.

Tell newspapers and magazines that you want EcoGirl in their pages! If you know of a newspaper that could benefit by offering their readers this accurate and affordable earth-friendly empowerment, let the editor know! It's very helpful for them to hear this from their readers.

They can get more info about this (monthly) column at www.askecogirl.info (see the "For Editors" link) or by emailing <ecogirl [at] askecogirl.info>. It's a win/win/win for the periodical, its readers, and the planet!

To contact EcoGirl...
... just email her at <ecogirl [at] askecogirl.info>. Please indicate how you heard about her (which periodical, email list, website link, etc.). It helps support her work. Thank you!

"My vision is that EcoGirl will fly across the country, spreading her eco-empowerment to all!
Thanks to everyone who helps make that mission possible!"

- Patricia Dines

Ask EcoGirl is written by Patricia Dines, Author of The Organic Guides, and Editor and Lead Writer for The Next STEP newsletter, which gently educates readers about toxics and alternatives. For more information about her work for the planet, see <www.patriciadines.info>.

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