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"Look - it's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's EcoGirl!"

Ask EcoGirl

A syndicated eco-advice column
Written by Patricia Dines

"Encouraging the eco-hero in everyone!"

"Making it easy to be green!"

"Thank you so much for your contributions to our newspaper.

People are clearly reading your column and you're such a delight to work with.
You meet deadlines and your work is well-done and thoughtful.
I like your writing style, thorough and upbeat,
and encouraging people to actually do things.

I love what you're doing!"

Vesta Copestakes, Editor, West County Gazette

Ask EcoGirl Offers Editors - The Best of Both Worlds

Affordability - & - Quality

Localized content - & - Syndicated convenience

An engaging presentation - & - Accurate information

A current topic - & - Material that makes a difference

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>> For more information about the Ask EcoGirl column,
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Never Fear ... EcoGirl is here!

  EcoGirl helps you attract and retain readers in a single bound!

Each Ask EcoGirl column makes it easy for you to offer your readers intelligent, inspiring, and useful information about how they can most-effectively make a positive difference for the planet.

EcoGirl's readers love her unique & empowering offerings - and they keep coming back for more.

Plus she has a fun and memorable logo!

  EcoGirl helps make your job a little less stressful.

With EcoGirl, you work with a professional with 25 years of freelance writing experience.

Thus, on a regular basis, you receive well-crafted (often localized) content from someone who meets deadlines, gets her facts right, provides truly useful information, and delights your readers.

  You can put Ask EcoGirl to work for you!

* The Ask EcoGirl column is offered monthly. (The frequency can be adapted for your periodical's needs.)

* The column fee is very affordable. My goal is to reach as many people as possible. Let's set a rate that works for you! We can even do a trial offer, if you'd like.

* Ask EcoGirl covers a wide range of key current topics, including: green energy, green travel, green gardening, global warming, organic food and agriculture, toxics and alternatives, eco-dining, book reviews, and more. Feel free to request any areas of interest!

* You can arrange for geographical exclusivity (if still available for your area).

  Act today to see Ask EcoGirl in your next edition!

>> For more information, download this Quick Summary Flyer (PDF) and EcoGirl Resume+Samples (PDF). You can also explore the Ask EcoGirl Column Portfolio.

>> If you have questions or to signup EcoGirl, email me directly at <ecogirl [at] askecogirl.info>.

Thank you for your interest in this work. Together we all can make a better world!


Bonus options!

* I can also offer you a more traditional column format on eco-topics, which might be named (for example) EcoHealthy Living or Everyday Green. See samples at <www.patriciadines.info/EHL.html>

* I'm also available to write individual articles on a variety of environmental topics, including local organic restaurants, local green travel, greening your home and office, eco-gardening, detoxing your life, and more. To explore this more, please contact me at <pd [at] patriciadines.info>.

"Your Ask EcoGirl columns are fun and informative, and I really LOVE the resources you list at the bottom.
Having this makes 'doing' feel like it can be a reality not just a nice idea."

Jill Engvaldsen, A Regular Reader

About the Author: Patricia Dines brings to her work 25 years experience as a professional writer, including 15 years specializing in environmental, health, and community issues.

She has written articles on these topics for a variety of periodicals, and has created two local organic guidebooks, The Organic Guide to San Francisco and The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties. Both of these books have been recommended by a wide range of periodicals, including national periodicals such as Bon Appetit and Delicious Living.

Since 2000, she has also been Editor and Lead Writer of The Next STEP newsletter, which gently educates readers about everyday toxics and easy effective alternatives. Readers consistently say how much they value this newsletter, with many giving specific examples of changes they've made in their lives as a result of reading it. It's fun and useful - her favorite combination!

Ms. Dines has extensive knowledge about environmental topics, and is passionate about sharing this with readers in a helpful and empowering way. For more information about her skills and background, see <www.patriciadines.info>

"Solar financing is a complex topic and you nailed it."

Chris Cone, Writer, Coordinator Green Energy Loan Program

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