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Being a Smart Eco-Consumer (including with your technology)

For your convenience, I've gathered my Ask EcoGirl print columns into themes, often with additional information.


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Everyday Green: A Pop Quiz (November 2012)
This month, EcoGirl flips the format and asks her readers the eco-questions. Yup, it's time for a Pop Quiz! Here's your chance to see the bigger picture of how you're doing in some key green arenas -- and maybe identify some upgrade opportunties. You can also compare your scores with your family and friends, for a little competitive fun!
What Does Green Mean? (September 2009)
With so many companies claiming to be green nowadays, a reader asks, how do I know which actions really make a difference for the planet? EcoGirl comes to the rescue with key tips for looking beneath green claims to recognize the more committed and effective approaches.
Nurturing Authentic Holiday Green (December 2010)
With so many companies claiming to be green, how do we choose products that are truly better for the earth? EcoGirl can help! Read her column this month for quick and easy tips for buying and being authentically green, this holiday season and all year 'round.
Being a Smart Organic Consumer (August 2009)
Despite areas of controversy, organics are still a convenient way for consumers to choose food and agriculture that's healthier for themselves, their families, and the planet. But how do you know if something is really organic? And how do you sort out the organic issues and labels? Find out more in this column!
Are Smart Phones Green? (February 2011)
Smart phones, MP3 players, and other mobile devices are sprouting up all over the place. But are they good or bad for the earth? To help answer that question, EcoGirl walks through her assessment process for her latest purchase, the iPod Touch. The web version of this article also has additional information, resources, and app recommendations!
Greening Our Techno-Tools (July 2009)
Our daily lives can be enhanced in many ways by today's technological devices, including computers, cell phones, cameras, TVs, stereos, game players, and more. However, it's vital for us to be smart about our use of these techno-toys, because they do have eco-impacts throughout their lifecycles. Here are specific ways that you can buy, enjoy, and discard these products while minimizing their harm -- and even saving money as well!
Eco-Lighting for a Brighter Future (June 2009)
What's the story with these curly-cue "eco" lightbulbs? Yes, they lower energy use, helping save money and the planet. But they also contain mercury and can't go in the trash. Are we just trading one eco-problem for another? EcoGirl tackles one of the practical questions of eco-implementation with her usual combination of information and inspiration! (Hint: The answer is that, on balance, these CFL bulbs offer significant value for reducing energy use and thus climate disruption, but need to be handled with care. And there are emerging options to support. Read the article to find out more!)
Can We Afford to Care About the Environment? (June 2008)
I'm anxious about the economy, writes a reader, with rising gas and food prices, medical costs, even food riots. How can we worry about the environment when real survival issues are at stake? EcoGirl responds by describing how our survival depends first on the earth, both physically and economically. Therefore, our current economic disruptions actually offer us an opportunity to redesign our economic systems to better align with nature and thus better ensure the survival of us all!
Affording Organic (May 2008)
With today's economic uncertainties, a reader wonders, how can I still include organic in my budget? EcoGirl offers tips for saving money, and a reminder that our true survival depends on our health and the well-being of the earth.
Great Sources for Environmental Info (September 2008)
Our information sources can either lead us wisely or astray. Too often mainstream coverage of environmental issues focuses more on celebrities, drama, and consumerism than on the real information we need to understand and support truly effective solutions for the planet. In this column, Ask EcoGirl highlights her favorite sources for keeping informed and taking wise action.


* THEME: Enjoying Ecological Food & Agriculture (including Organics & GMOs)

* THEME: Greening Your Holidays, All Year Round

* THEME: Implementing the Key Notions of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle 

* THEME: Accessing Earth-Friendly Energy (including Solar Energy & Transportation)

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