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"Look - it's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's EcoGirl!"

Ask EcoGirl

A syndicated eco-advice column
Written by Patricia Dines

"Encouraging the eco-hero in everyone!"

"Making it easy to be green!"

EcoGirl uncovers many fun & easy ways
for people to align their lives with nature's needs.

Our choices do make a difference!

Ask EcoGirl's Columns

You can access my Ask EcoGirl columns two ways:

1) In chronological order, with the most recent ones first; or

2) Grouped by themes, such as Food & Ag, Energy, etc.

Take your pick!


I'm delighted to offer you my Ask EcoGirl booklets, "Healthier Housecleaning" and "Detoxing Your Life." These unique, handy, and cheerful resources bring together key information you need to create a healthier home for your family and the planet. They make a great gift, and quantity discounts and wholesale prices are available. Plus all sales support my eco-healing community work. Tell a friend! Find out more at www.askecogirl.info/booklets.html.


* Since 2000, I've also edited and written most of the content for The Next STEP newsletter, which offers handy information on everyday toxics and alternatives. You can look up topics of interest in in the The Next STEP index of articles.
* I also wrote several articles on these topics for the Bohemian's Green Zone column.

Ask EcoGirl is written by Patricia Dines, Author of The Organic Guides, and Editor and Lead Writer for The Next STEP newsletter, which gently educates readers about toxics and alternatives.

Please contact me if you'd like to publish any of these articles in your periodical, or discuss an article that I might write for you. For more information about my work for the planet, see <www.patriciadines.info>.

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