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BOOKLET: Healthier Housecleaning: Easy, Less-toxic, & Cheaper Ways to Create a Sparkling Home

* These 18 fully-enriched pages offer you tested, effective, & fun solutions.
* There's specific information on: the health and environmental risks of toxic cleaners, the criteria to use in selecting truly healthier replacements, and how to make your own cheap and easy homemade options to keep your house clean and smelling great.
* This booklet includes: What ingredients to get for your basic home-made less-toxic cleaning kit, making your everyday basic tools, knowing your ingredients, expanding into other uses, cleaning your oven without toxics, creating healthier scents and air fresheners, managing mold, and taming our tiny ant friends.
* Plus you get referrals to the very best resources for finding out more.
* All this expert info is gathered in one handy package for just $6!

Booklet: Ask EcoGirl's Healthier Housecleaning (pull down menu for quantity discounts)

BOOKLET: Detoxing Your Life: Assessing & Reducing Your Exposure to Everyday Toxics

* These 11 potently-packed pages will help you improve all the areas of your life
* I help you identify the key toxics in each area of your life, the great less-toxic options, and how to get more information.
* The life arenas I include: Cleaning your home, personal care products, medical and health care products, hobby and craft supplies, food & beverages, remodeling your home, managing pests in your home & garden, pet care, drift from nearby farms and houses, exposure at school, at work, in parks, and beyond.
* Plus I offer you: Help in assessing product toxicity, information about children's higher vulnerability, evidence of the harm being done, tips for on reducing our community-level exposure, and the best resources for finding out more.
* All this expert info is gathered in one handy package for just $5!

Booklet: Ask EcoGirl's Detoxing Your Life (pull down menu for quantity discounts)

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Ask EcoGirl is written by Patricia Dines, Author of The Organic Guides, and Editor and Lead Writer for The Next STEP newsletter, which gently educates readers about toxics and alternatives. For more information about her work for the planet, see www.patriciadines.info.

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